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  • Palaeolithic : Cave Paintings : Rouffignac Cave

    Every species of the animals is marked with its colour on the coloured drawing. Depictions of 26 mammoths, 12 bisons, 12 goats, 12 horses and 3 rhinos can be seen here, on the large painted ceiling. All the horses are on the left almost in the middle of the ceiling, whereas 10 goat figures are far (deep) at the periphery and only two of them are among figures of horses, bisons and mammoths. One schematic depiction of a rhino is at the entrance, far from the other figures, the other two are closer to the center. Depictions of bisons and mammoths are in all the parts of the ceiling.

    The whole painted area of the ceiling is characterized with four distinct peculiarities: the mammoths are the predominant figures, their depictions are mainly out of the center; the figures of the horses are in the left part of the ceiling; one representative of every numerous species (the mammoth, the bison, the goat and the horse) is depicted larger than all the others. The investigation of the overlapping of one depictions with the other shows that the process of the ceiling painting was rather long.




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