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  • Palaeolithic : Cave Paintings : Rouffignac Cave


    Cave Enter Today many French and Spanish caves and grottoes have their present entrances re-arranged. Some of them, for example, Lascaux, Altamira have new entrances at all and the old ones are bricked up. The territories near the entrances of such caves as Rouffignac, Pech Merle, Cougnac, Castillo and others are improved, there are stands with plans of the caves and their neighbourhood, souvenir shops, cafes and rest places. Inside the caves there are platforms, railings, pathways and artificial lighting, switching on and off while the visitors are passing by. At some caves - Pech Merle, Altamira and others, profound museums are organized. Specialists have different opinions in regard to the cave improvement. Some of them think that the original interior of a cave should not be changed. Brothers Begouns'heirs, for example, only closed the cave entrance with a steel grill. Rare visitors (only specialists) must put on overalls and rubber footwear and a helmet with a lamp - on the head.

    Not a single tiny detail in the cave is changed; sometimes you have to crawl on all fours in the narrow passages with puddles on the floor. Depictions in dim light of a lamp on the helmet make the deepest impression. But the Beguns estate also has a small but wonderful museum with all the subjects, found in the cave and near it, many interesting letters and telegrams, newspapers and magazines of the period of the cave discovery.




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