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    Lascaux Cave


    is situated near Montignak ( Dordogne, 40 kms from Perigueux), at the end of a plateau on the left bank of the Vezer river. An old legend says, there was an underground passage from the Montignak castle under the Vezer and the Lascaux estate with hidden treasures. Four teen-agers were looking for these treasures when on the 12th of September 1940 they had found a small entrance into a cave which concealed real riches - magnificent rock paintings dated by the late Palaeolithic. Корова These are depictions of different animals (horses, bisons, deer, bulls and others) and unlike figures in other caves which, at first sight, look static and almost lifeless, those in Lascaux are full of motion and harmony. Abbot Glory had been working in the cave from 1952 up to 1963 and found more than 2000 depictions on its walls.

    In one of the scenes on the wall of a deep (6ms) well a figure of a man is present. The scene has many interpretations, one of them is symbolically called "corrida".

    Лошадь и бык Lascaux was always of great interest not only for the scientists but for numerous tourists as well. Often visits of large tourist groups changed the microclimate of the cave and had a destructive influence on the paintings. According to the decision of the Minister of Culture of France Andre Malraux, the Lascaux cave was repurchased by the state and closed for visitors for 14 years. Thanks to the long and intricate work of a whole group of archaeologists , biologists, speleologists and geomorphologers the paintings and graphics of the cave were saved from destruction. But up till now the Lascauz cave is still closed for tourists. Only a specialist can visit the cave by a special order, made almost a year in advance. Not more than 6 persons can enter the cave per day. Two days a week the cave is completely closed. In connection with conservation and restoration of the Lascaux paintings the public interest had greatly increased. Montignak is near busy roads, going to the south of France, the traditional place of rest. There came the idea to construct an artificial copy of the cave. But to put the idea into practice one needed a completely new technology. Such a technology was tried on the paintings from "Rotunda".

    Materials concerning the Lascaux cave are given in Internet:

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