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  • Palaeolithic : Altamira cave

    In 1991 Japan has decided to make a museum complex fully devoted to the history, culture and life of Spain. One of its main exponents would be a copy of Altamira cave. Similar projects had already been fulfilled before, for example, the first copy of the cave was made in 1959, then came the copy of "Rotonda" Lascaux and in 1983 Lascaux II was opened for the visitors, so the creators of the Japanese Altamira could base themselves on the certain experience.

    At first photos of every cave section were made. Then synthetic walls and a ceiling with all the unevennesses and cracks were made and the artists painted them, using coal for black and ochre for red colors. They had thoroughly studied real depictions and overlapping of the lines before, to copy them in the same succession as for the first time. As far as the artificial cave is not so humid as the real one, the paintings, while drying, could fade and become less bright than the original. To avoid it a special lacquer was used to increase humidity and to preserve the brightness of the paintings. Thanks to a long and intricate work of all the participants of the project the copy of the cave was finished in November 1993 and installed in Japan.




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