Kamennaya Mogila


Kamennaya Mogila. Common view.
Kamennaya Mogila. In the south of the Ukraine, not far from Melitopol, in the valley of the Molochnaya river there is a rocky hill, an outcrop of a sedimentary rocks, namely, sandstone. The hill is badly weathered and so some grottos and roofs have appeared in its slopes. For ages people found numerous carved and scratched depictions in these grottos and on other planes of the hill. In most cases they can be hardly recognized or appear as mere sets of straight and curve lines. Sometimes images of animals - bulls, goats - are guessed. Some researchers, studied the depictions on the Kamennaya Mogila planes, also saw mammoths and rhinos there. But unlike mammoths and rhinos from the French caves or from Kapova cave it is difficult to speak with confidence about the depictions of Kamennaya Mogila. A multi-layered settlement at the foot of the hill with the lowest layer dated to the Mesolithic was studied. It is an indirect evidence of the fact that the silhouette depictions of the bulls can be dated to the Mesolithic.

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