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Virtual museums are not novelty in INTERNET. There exist already some sites of this kind ( But though original and high-qualitative, these expositions are still comparable with traditional museum editions of artistic albums, catalogues, monographies, while INTERNET makes it possible to create qualitatively new expositions, realizing methods of presenting monuments of historical and artistic inheritage, impossible or incompatible before. What makes the originality of the museum, you are "entering"? The main peculiarity is that exhibits actually kept in quite different museums, in different countries and even on different continents are gathered here as if in one museum. Another important feature is that our "museum" combines an exposition of a traditional museum with an open-air museum-reserve. It allows to present historic- archaeological monuments in their natural landscape and to show them in section, at different angles and in different hypothetic reconstructions.

The idea of creation of this site had arisen on the Chair of Archaeology of the Kemerovo State University (KemSU) during the preparation to the international conference on rock art, which took place in Kemerovo in August 1998. More than a hundred of specialists took part in the conference, half of them came from different countries (Australia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Kirghistan, USA, Uzbekistan, France, Estonia, South Africa and others). A web-site devoted to Siberian Association of Prehistoric Art Researchers (SAPAR), the organizer of the conference, was the first trial (

The general conception of the site is developed by Ya.A.Sher, he has also written all the texts. A.V.Fribus and N.A.Belousova took part in the project. Translators: L.V.Karnarukova and A.A.Smirnova.

The project was supported by the "Open Society Institution". The work had to be separated into stages. In 1999 we plan to start virtual expositions devoted to the Stone Age rt, to Scythians and to the Museum of archaeology and ethnography of KemSU. In general expositions of a virtual museum can be expanded practically unlimitedly.

Some more words concerning the exposition of the museum. What is "prehistoric art"? Is it different from the modern art? If so, what are these differences?

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The authors of the site will welcome any constructive critical remarks and suggestions concerning the site development and improvement. We hope that your acquaintance with our "expositions" will be interesting for you. See "Picture Acknowlegements".

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If you are interested in the period, preceding the appearance of art (more than 3 millions years), start with "Anthropogeny" link

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