Circuit of evolution of hominid



Huge amount of the data saved up for last 50 years about anthropogenesis have allowed to imagine a new circuit of evolution of hominid, but too not full and considerably more complex and detailed. This circuit borrowed from article of Lothar Frenz (GEO-WISSEN, 1998, Sept.) looks like flat branching tree (would be closer to true not flat, but volumetric tree). Three colors show three evolutionary lines: red - species Homo, green - Australopithecus gracile, dark blue - Australopithecus massive. Dashed lines show not clear or disputable places. While the most important is not clear: where and when from the general trunk species Homo was separated. It is possible to assume that it has taken place in east Africa about 2,4 million years ago. Unfortunately, we have no complete set of documentary "portraits" of our evolutionary ancestors yet. The diagram will be enriched, when new portraits appear.




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